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V. Brendel serving as Chair of the iPlant Collaborative Scientific Advisory Board

V. Brendel appointed Consulting Editor of The Plant Cell

Recent publications:

Duvick, J., Standage, D.S., Merchant, N. & Brendel, V.P. (2016) xGDBvm: A Web GUI-driven workflow for annotating eukaryotic genomes in the cloud. The Plant Cell [Advance Publication: 28 March 2016]

Standage, D.S., Berens, A.J., Glastad, K.M., Severin, A.J., Brendel, V.P. & Toth, A.L. (2016) Genome, transcriptom and methylome sequencing of a primitively eusocial wasp reveal a greatly reduced DNA methylaiton system in a social insect. Molecular Ecology [First published: 15 March 2016]

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xGDBvm on YouTube

The Brendel Group @ Indiana University
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The Brendel Group is an energetic, friendly, and grateful team of faculty, staff, and students enjoying the privilege of working together. Our areas of interest span research topics in genome informatics, in particular as related to plant transcriptional control and pre-mRNA splicing, and computational infrastructure (cyberinfrastructure) for genome studies. You can find out more about our research, software development, and Prof. Brendel's teaching following the links on the top navigation bar.

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